Arabica Cafe – An optimal choice.

For those who prefer to drink coffee but are concerned about caffeine content, Arabica Cafe is an optimal choice. So, what is arabica coffee? What does it taste like? This article will share for you.

Arabica coffee is called Vietnamese coffee tea, the reason people call is that this coffee species is short and has small leaves. Also, it lives in the high mountains of 1000-1500m.

The characteristics of this coffee tree are large foliage, oval dark green leaves. Each fruit has 2 seeds and has higher economic value than other types of coffee, with low caffeine content from 1 to 2%. With the naturally delicious taste, Arabica coffee is currently beloved and believed.

Arabica coffee is a high-class coffee favored by Westerners.

It is suitable for growing on basaltic soils with elevations between 1000 and 1500m from sea level.

In countries such as Colombia and Portugal, Brazil, Arabica coffee is the strength, leading in quality and is appreciated by many experts. But in Vietnam, only about 10% of the arabica coffee area compared to the total coffee area in the country.

Types of Arabica coffee beans:

Although there are many varieties of Arabica coffee beans, Typica and Bourbon are known as the first varieties. The others are only thought to be hybrids of these two varieties.


This is one of the most important coffee varieties in terms of tradition, with the role of “ancestor” of most coffee trees grown in the world. Typica coffee is a high-quality one and has been used as a benchmark to evaluate the flavor of other types of coffee.


With the quantity more than Typica, along with high quality, it is representative of the taste of Arabica coffee beans.

Some common breeds of Arabica

Caturra: A mutated breed of Bourbon, discovered in Brazil. This variety gives a high yield and good quality. But it needs to be carefully caring and fertilization.

Mundo Novo: A natural hybrid between Typica and Bourbon, found in Brazil. This plant is strong and has good disease resistance. Mundo Novo has a high yield but lasts longer than other varieties.

Catuai: A high yielding variety, a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Catura, suitable for areas with high winds or heavy rain.

Pache Commum: a mutation of Typica. This type of coffee is considered to be soft and smooth.

Catimor: Created in Portugal in 1959 which is a cross between Timor and Caturra. Plants mature early and give high yields.

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