Coffee mink is like? Mink coffee production process.

Coffee mink is like

Coffee mink is like? This is a premium coffee that any coffee fanatic is passionate about its special aroma. Despite being famous, not everyone knows what mink coffee is like and the process of producing mink coffee. Let’s find out with PhoCo Coffee! 

If previously weasel coffee was typical of Indonesia, nowadays the Central Highlands has been able to produce and export this premium coffee line. The Central Highlands is the mecca of all Vietnamese coffee and is interested in the world.

What is the origin of ferret coffee Mink

coffee, also known as Kopi Luwak, is an extremely rare and expensive coffee in the world. For mink coffee origin is also quite interesting. Hundreds of years ago, the Dutch brought the first coffee tree to the island of Java and Sumatra, a Dutch colony.

Coffee mink is like

Later, the coffee tree grew bigger and became a drink of the upper class. At the cafe garden 1 type of spotted mongoose or mink is extremely fond of this fruit and often climbs up the tree to eat delicious ripe berries.

But the weasel’s stomach only digestes the outer flesh. So the gut or the coffee beans are excreted with their faeces.

Ferret coffee is made from coffee beans and in this stool. Of course there will be many other stages to create excellent coffee bean quality.

Thanks to the digestion of coffee beans in the weasel stomach under the action of digestive enzymes forming the protein structure in coffee beans, some acids are removed to make the mink coffee flavor very special.

Weasel coffee will have a greasy, less sour taste compared to pure coffee. The taste is also very special, pleasant and blended with many different scents.

Many people do not know to enjoy, feel the scent of coffee weasel mold musty but extremely special. Just attractive, sweet, rich taste sometimes faintly flavored with chocolate, caramel or fruit flavor. At the same time the bitter taste of mink coffee is very pleasant.

Thanks to the lack of mink in the world, and the complex production process of many stages, the price is quite high. We can say pure weasel coffee is a premium drink of the elite and coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee mink is like

When the Central Highlands has successfully applied the mink coffee production process since 2013, the price of this extreme beverage has decreased slightly. But now, 1kg of weasel coffee costs from 1 million to several tens of millions depending on the quality of the product

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