When you set foot in Ha Noi, you will be fascinated by a variety of smells: green rice’s aroma in the autumn, chrysanthemum’s scent in the winter,… But there is a bouquet which is always associated with the life of Hanoi every four seasons: the delicious odor of coffee on the street. It has become a typical smell when you think of Hanoi. Here are a few streets in Hanoi that have earned coffee lovers’ hearts for their plenty of amounts of nice cafes.

1.Trieu Viet Vuong:
The street is only less than 700m long but it always first mentioned when they think of taking pleasure in a cup of coffee. In spite of being not unique in the way of making coffee, the cafe on this street is well-known by the diversity of coffee shops here. For instance: Poison, Aha in the house have The Light, Plus,… Even the name of the café here is enough to make a brand, make anyone who wants to drink coffee immediately remember Trieu Viet Vuong street.

2.Ly Thuong Kiet:
Not having a great number of café like the street mentioned above, but Ly Thuong Kiet Street is still one of the popular termini for coffee lovers in Hanoi. It has the gain of being in the French Quarter with a large walkway and boulevard of trees. This is a wonderland for those who want to have ease of soul and peace of mind. All cafés here have the gift of a good view and a spacious atmosphere, best for a leisurely weekend with loved ones. Because the street has many modern offices, tall buildings, the majority of people coming to drink most discuss business. Only at the weekend will business stories be shelved, instead of stories of family or romance.

3.Nguyen Du:
Situated along Thien Quang Lake with romantic milky flowers, these cafes are always favored by guests of all ages. The price is affordable and the space is usually discrete. But the most important thing is the simplicity of the cafés here. Without an elaborate decoration as well as complex design, the cafés only need a few nice chairs or even cane ones on the roomy sidewalk to overlook the lake. I know it’s not much, but it still enough to entice lots of people been there.
Having an opportunity to visit Hanoi, do not forget to visit the streets and relish coffee there.

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