Hanoi autumn makes you yearn for something

Autumn with cool breezes and warm sun is considered the best time to visit Vietnam’s capital city. Although Hanoi Fall has no set time, you can smell the sweet milk flower and see the salesman selling golden apples on the street as autumn comes.

Milk flower plant
In the minds of people, milk flower is a symbol of Hanoi’s autumn. During this time of the year, in almost every corner of Hanoi, you can smell the scent of milk flower. Although, its heavy scent can cause an entire area to be dizzy or even allergic. Therefore, milk flowers are planted scattered to avoid strong smells, do not wander the streets of Hanoi in the atmosphere with the sweet smell of milk flowers fluttering in the wind, will be an autumn night of Hanoi.

Yellow leaves
It is in the fall when Hanoi changes its clothes from casual blue to slightly wine-yellow. Thanks to the color change, from a young and energetic city, the whole city transforms into a little quiet, peaceful and romantic in just a few days. Hanoians see this change as an “alarm” so they prepare some warm clothes for themselves and get ready for the upcoming winter to be really close in just a few days.

Green young sticky rice

Green young sticky rice is a specialty of Hanoi, made only in the fall and loved by Vietnamese people. For Hanoians, in terms of evoking autumn, nothing can be compared to the taste of young rice from Vong Village; Sweet aromatic seeds leave them with a lasting impression.

Nuggets are really delicious, especially when served with ripe bananas or red roses. The wonderful flavors of nuggets – special gifts from the land made by hard-working farmers, possess a simple and fresh aroma that reminds the Dutch everywhere in the autumn of Hanoi.

When autumn comes with a cold northwest wind that brings cold frost, glutinous rice at its maximum all the rice milk that has gathered in the seeds will bend its ears into the dome waiting for the seeds to ripen and remind local farmers that It is time to try.

Hanoians often enjoy Com by hand, take a pinch at a time directly from the lotus leaf. When trying, to appreciate all the toughness, taste and taste of the young rice, which is butter-flavored, sweet and sweet, you must enjoy slowly and chew very carefully.

Stunning sunlight

Although sunny, the morning sunlight from Hanoi in the fall is not the same as those in the summer. You will just want to run around the corner in the sunlight so elegant and graceful and take some really nice pictures.

Fruity Six
Sixteen ripe fruits are another reason for your trip in Hanoi. In the fall, when the fruit is ripe, Sau can be fragmented for 2 days with a mixture of salt, sugar and cold to become a favorite food for many, while in the summer when the fruit is still green, Hanoians collect them for use as a mild sour ingredient to add to their soups. You can buy this snack at a number of street vendors in the AQ for a fraction of the price. So, if given the chance, you should not hesitate to try it.

Please take your backpack and prepare to welcome autumn Hanoi.

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