Hanoi coffee shop street is a specialized of Hanoi city

Hanoi coffee shop street is a specialized of Hanoi city

If you are a child born and raised in Hanoi, when they leave away, they will all remember the Hanoi coffee shop street. If you are a tourist, they will be curious to explore the coffee culture of Kinh Ky – Hanoi, then let’s explore the hanoi coffee shop street with us.

People often say a funny thing: “Hanoi cannot be in hurry” and in Hanoi coffee culture, too, “Hanoi coffee can not hurry.” In the summary of the Thousand Years of culture, Hanoi coffee is an interesting and colorful orchestra creating a coffee culture of “Hanoi taste”.

How do Hanoi people drink coffee?

Entering the shop, with the same drink, but Saigon people call coffee with milk and ice. Hanoi people call brown coffee, something of Hanoi brown coffee is more bitter and dense than Saigon ice milk coffee. Hanoi people often drink coffee in the morning calmly and slowly. Because they enjoy coffee as an art, like enjoying the long story behind it. As they sip their hot coffee, they listen to the northeastern wind blowing the deep tile roof, the old trees.

 “Come to Hanoi to make a brown cup.”

The Hanoi “connoisseurs” of coffee have a general assessment of a standard “hot brown” glass. That it must be coffee filter at the rate of 2 coffee and 1 condensed milk to give a distinctly flavored mixture of clear and bold. The roasted coffee must be the newest, freshest. The way preparing coffee must be dense, slightly bitter and delicious.

Where can you find Hanoi coffee shop street?

If Saigon people can drink coffee anywhere, from sidewalks to luxury shops. Hanoi people often drink coffee in the shops quite simply. It could be an old-style shop or a sidewalk coffee.

The best place in hanoi coffee shop street
The best place in hanoi coffee shop street

Dinh Tien Hoang Street – Famous egg cafe

In the famous Hanoi coffee shop street, people must remain Dinh Cafe – a coffee shop that has a 30-year-old. In the past, the shop’s name was Bich coffee, the name of the shopkeeper. Later, shopkeeper change it to Dinh for a very simple reason: The restaurant is located on Dinh Tien Hoang street right next to Hoan Kiem Lake.

  • The entrance to the Dinh is somewhat tricky.

Dinh is on the second floor of an old French house. To go to the bar, you need to go through a shop selling bags, go upstairs to the second floor to get there. The new space is open for more seats. However, the favorite seat, where is the balcony corner overlooking Ho Guom, is now closed.

  • The restaurant is always full of guests.

The cupboard of the shop is egg coffee still mixed in the traditional way. Egg coffee is a specialty of Kinh Ky land that the world press has praised. Go to Dinh, try a cup of fragrant egg coffee!

Thai coffee – Hanoi coffee shop street of beauty

The old cafe in Hanoi is quite picky but in Thai it is completely different. Visitors come to Thai coffee of all ages, ages, countries. Located on the coffee street, Thai has existed for 80. Thai has its own flavor that makes the taste of coffee of Hanoi people.

Thai coffee comes from three Vietnamese soil areas: Dien Bien, Phu Quy, Buon Ho and roasted according to the traditional secret. So should you drink a cup of coffee in Thailand, you will feel the aroma of the northwestern mountains, deeply deep like the land and the Nghe people, the intoxicating enamels of the great Plateau.

Coffee specialties. Each person has a “table”. The joy of every morning is so simple.

What’s in that 80-year-old Hanoi cafe outside the capital-rich coffee cup? It is an ancient signboard, which is a rustic wooden table close to the wall. It is a golden wall with the artistic vintage words “Hanoi is here”, “Come to Hanoi to make a brown cup” for young people to enjoy check-in. That space inside the restaurant has a lot of time to make people nostalgic about the old years.

Ta Hien Street Café

Call Café 39 Ta Hien is a national café. Because here, regardless of whether it is a young person or an old person, regardless of whether it is an office worker or a student, regardless of whether you are in Saigon or Da Lat, Da Nang, all sit here – Hanoi’s sidewalk café. Hanoi people like to sit on the sidewalk: eat, coffee, iced tea, … do not know since that routine has become a special culture, like Saigon people with coffee, the Hanoi people have coffee Pavement.

The shop is at 8am. An ancient cafe in Hanoi is quite famous but tourists also know about it.

Café 39 Ta is currently popular so much. The restaurant is open from 6 am, plastic chairs are used as a table, next to a cup of brown coffee with 18,000 VND placed on an aluminum tray, so smooth that people still love to visit.

However, you can enjoy all such taste at Pho Co Coffee. You can buy and make Hanoi Coffee Shop Street at your own home here.

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