HANOI NEW TOURISM POINTS 5 Christmas destinations in Hanoi you should not miss

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for many people in the world. Especially for religious people. During this special event, a lot of people choose a vacation to travel abroad to experience a whole new atmosphere with their friends and family.

And many of them have chosen a vacation in Vietnam to enjoy the most memorable moments in this S-shaped country. Traveling at this time, tourists will have great opportunities not only to relax on your Christmas vacation. But also to explore the 1000 year history, especially in the capital Hanoi.

Is there a Christmas holiday in Vietnam and in Hanoi in particular?
Although Christmas is not a holiday in Vietnam, people do not have holidays like in Europe or America. People are still busy with work and businesses are opening during normal business hours. In Vietnam, an estimated 8% of the population is Christian, while the most popular religion is Buddhism.

The fact is that Christmas has become more and more popular in recent years. So many non-religious Vietnamese still celebrate Christmas as one of the most important occasions. In addition to the Mid-Autumn Festival, happy birthday to Buddha, Vietnamese New Year …. So don’t worry about whether you can celebrate Christmas in Hanoi or not.? The only thing you should consider is to plan for the perfect Christmas in Hanoi.

How does Christmas take place in Hanoi?
Like the rest of the world, Vietnam began Christmas on December 24 and lasted for the following day. However, you may come across the emotions of Christmas before Christmas Eve. Hanoi as well as major cities in Vietnam such as Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City are ideal places to celebrate Christmas with many monumental activities.

A few weeks before Christmas, the streets of Hanoi were decorated like Christmas came the next day. Shopping malls, shops, restaurants have elaborate and new decorations in the theme of Christmas. Such as warm lighting, beautiful wreaths, friendly Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc.It is not uncommon for you to see some Santa Claus driving a motorbike instead of riding reindeer on the streets of Hanoi.

On Christmas Eve, many people like to go to the big squares, the walking paths around Hoan Kiem Lake, the church. Then enjoy some Christmas food. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy the music festival at public shows with lots of celebrities as a reward for the warmly-made Vietnam holiday packages.

5 places you should not miss when visiting Hanoi at Christmas
Hanoi always attracts tourists in its own unique way. So the best way to find true Hanoians is to wear a coat and then go outside. Here are the ideal places to visit at Christmas in Hanoi.

Hang Ma street
Located in the heart of Hanoi’s old quarter, Hang Ma is one of the few streets selling goods as its name suggests. This street is famous for its rapid adaptability on new trends. It is a place that sells decorations for special occasions such as Mid-Autumn Festival, International Children’s Day, Chinese New Year, etc. snowmen, Santa costumes, etc. at reasonable prices. Therefore, as soon as you arrive in Hanoi, explore this famous street.

St Joseph’s Church
Of course, one of the must-visit places is probably the Church. In Hanoi, you can go to one of Saint Joseph’s most famous churches near Hoan Kiem Lake. Vietnamese architecture was influenced by French design during the reign. Therefore, there are several existing French buildings in Hanoi. This church is one that looks like a replica of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The church has always been the center of gatherings of both locals and foreigners because of its wonderful scenery. There is a large Christmas tree in front of the church and the splendid decoration attracts thousands of people.

The weather in Hanoi at Christmas time is usually much colder. Especially at night when it can reach below 10 ° C. So one of the best things to do is wear a coat, walk around the Church to listen to Christmas songs and pray for those Best wishes.

Hanoi Opera House
During breaks in Vietnam, you should not miss attending a music program at Hanoi Opera House. Remember that during Christmas celebrations, there are many musical performances with the Christmas theme. Definitely held in front of Hanoi Opera House or inside. If you are interested in Jazz, Pop Ballad, musical instruments or even ballet, make a schedule now.

Shopping center
Christmas is also a good opportunity for businesses and shops. Especially famous brands deploy crazy promotions. So customers can buy what they want at a discounted price. Besides shopping, shopping centers such as Trang Tien Plaza, Vincom, Lotte centers, etc. are elaborately decorated, which is a good backdrop for taking pictures.

Dinner at a prestigious hotel
During Christmas, many hotels offer luxurious buffets and music performances along with meals. Highlights of the hotels in Hanoi can be listed: Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi, Hanoi Daewoo with prices from $ 20- $ 75. Therefore, spend Give yourself a Christmas dinner in Hanoi with family and friends

In addition, you may notice that some organizations and embassies often organize open parties for their native citizens, so you can join in and have fun during the night to forget your homesickness.

In short, Hanoi is one of the most favorite destinations for holiday packages in Vietnam. It is a place where visitors can find unique cuisine, unique culture, friendly locals and especially the most beautiful memories ever.

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