How made the best vietnam weasel coffee hanoi

Vietnam weasel coffee Hanoi

History of vietnam weasel coffee hanoi

At the first time, coffee was very precious and rare. So the farmer was forbidden to use the harvested coffee. They had to pick up coffee beans in the feces of ferrets (also called Paradoxurus hermaphroditus spotted civet). French owners claim to be trashy and dirty to make their own secret coffee. The coffee beans have washed, dried, peeled, crushed, crunched, pulverized and filtered through boiling water to enjoy. Unexpectedly, coffee in the yard has a strange taste, more delicious than the coffee of the plantation owner. Since then, vietnam weasel coffee appeared and many known.

In the world, the weasel coffee only scattered in a few areas. So the number of countries that can produce this kind of coffee only counts on fingertips, typically Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, …

The vietnam weasel coffee hanoi would have the flavor of molasses mixed with chocolate; Bitter, and a little taste of tobacco.

From then, weasel coffee also developed in Hanoi as many other places in Vietnam with its own special taste.

How is vietnam weasel coffee hanoi made?

From October last year to January of the following year. When coffee was ripe, at night the weasel sneaked into the plantations to select the best fruits. With a long, audible nose, ferrets are able to sniff and identify ripe berries, without a strange smell, without a bug, not scratching or having plastic on them. If not a tree or a fruit ripe, eat it! It only chooses the best red berries in the trees with even ripening fruit. This means that coffee beans have ensured quality and uniformity right from the first selection of ferret experts.

The vietnam weasel coffee hanoi would have the flavor of molasses mixed with chocolate; Bitter, and a little taste of tobacco.

However, the key to the decision is the miraculous transformation of coffee beans in the weasel stomach. When eating fruit, ferrets immediately release soft, indigestion soft outer shells, swallow the meat and coffee beans. When entering the stomach, only the meat of the coffee is digested. And the beans still wrapped intact in the husk and released along with the feces of the mink.

Digestive enzymes seep through the husk that breaks down the inherent protein structure in coffee beans. When roasted, the beans become hard, crispy and less protein. So the bitterness of the coffee also decreases, creating a strong flavor, very strange and special compared to regular coffee.

Interesting point of weasel coffee

The vietnam weasel coffee hanoi would have the flavor of molasses mixed with chocolate; Bitter, sour taste of fruit and a little taste of tobacco.

Stool with coffee beans emitted by weasels. It will quickly collected within 24 hours to prevent ants or insects from gouging or humid air what may make the seeds black. Then rinsing through flowing water to remove bacteria and impurities with sufficient drying temperature tonot shorten the fermentation process that is still going on in coffee beans. Preferably sun drying the morning sun for weeks until the outer husk peels off. Dried coffee beans will be light in color. When the vietnam weasel coffee hanoi is roasted, it will taste better than dried.

For such amazing favor of weasel coffee hanoi, I would like to recommend you to try a cup of Pho Co Coffee weasel. Which would bring you the most real taste of traditional vietnam weasel coffee hanoi.

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