How much money weasel coffee 1 kg ?

weasel coffee

Weasel coffee is a delicious and expensive drink in the world. Why is it called weasel coffee and how much money weasel coffee 1 kg ?

Why is it called weasel coffee?

Weasel coffee began to appear in the early years of the 19th century. When the first coffee trees were planted on the colonies of the East Indies of the Netherlands at that time, the islands of Java and Sumatra.

The two islands of Indonesia today are inhabited by a wild species called civet civet. This animal loves to eat fruits and coffee. As soon as they became their favorite food.

They like to eat ripe berries. Often plucked on the tree as the main food. But due to the structure of the intestine, civet civet can only digest the skin of the coffee beans. The rest goes through the intestinal discharge.

Initially, many people did not pay attention to the coffee produced by this ferret. But at that time, due to the fact that coffee was still rare, although it was widely cultivated, farmers were banned from using it. They themselves picked up coffee in weasel dung to secretly process into a drink for themselves.

But strange is the taste of coffee beans from mink dung is delicious, especially beyond imagination. This aromatic, flavorful drink was gradually spread to many people and to the owners of Dutch plantations.

Only once enjoyed, coffee weasel has become the favorite drink of the elite.

The attraction of weasel coffee comes from?

Many still wonder where the charm of the weasel coffee line comes from? Many people think that picking up waste coffee beans from ferrets is nothing good. The delicious taste and special attraction of mink coffee comes from the legend based on scientific research.

Actually, if separate coffee and weasel, nothing related. But it is their combination that creates a truly unique beverage.

Whether or not you are a connoisseur of drinking, still recognize the speciality of weasel coffee.

What makes the ferret’s particularly delicious taste is the smart, rigorous choice of ferret food. They are extremely intelligent, eating only the ripe ripe berries, in the tree with the most ripe berries.

Ferrets eat the best berries. Synonymous with creating the best coffee beans, evenly, without aphids, or strange smell. This is the first selection, ensuring the quality of coffee beans through the ingenious selection of coffee experts.

how much money weasel coffee

The second special feature is the miraculous transformation when digested in the stomach. After the outer soft shell has been removed. The flesh and seeds go into the stomach, under digestive enzymes, only the flesh is digested, the rest is still wrapped in rice husk and discharged.

It is the digestive process in the stomach with enzymes that promote the natural fermentation, breaking the original protein structure of coffee beans, creating a special flavor.

How much money weasel coffee 1 kg ?

Vietnam is proud to be one of the few countries that can produce weasel coffee. The Central Highlands is the coffee mecca of our country and is also the famous mink coffee producer.

Each year, the world produces and consumes only 200kg, of which Vietnam alone produces 40-50kg of weasel coffee.

With increasing market demand, in addition to natural weasel coffee, many establishments have made weasel coffee farming into farms for larger yields, lower prices to reach more people. .

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