I’m sure saying that it is so great if you wake up every morning to sip a cup of coffee with delicious taste prepared by your own hands. You won’t need to worry about dressing up and going to the cafe to drink a cup of coffee. The following article would like to guide the best coffee making at home to help you save your time and spending.


  • Tea filter
  • Pure coffee powder
  • Hot water
  • Salt
  • Ice

Step 1: You prepare the filter, the cup used to make coffee must ensure clean, dry, coated filter. Moreover, it is through hot boiling water to make coffee better.

Step 2: Add an adequate amount of coffee into 1/2 filter, shake gently and tighten it, remember not to squeeze too tight because the water will not absorb all the coffee powder. You should note that you must use very hot boiling water, about 95 degrees C- 100 degrees C to make delicious coffee with standard flavor. This is one of the important notes when making the best coffee making guide.

Step 3: Add a little water and wait for about 1 minute for the coffee to expand, then start adding more water about 2/3 of the filter. For each person’s taste, there will be an appropriate way to prepare coffee. If you want to get more coffee, let the output water first and use another cup to get the next coffee, as long as not to add water immediately, it will lose the rich taste of the first coffee.

Step 4: An important thing to create the lingering taste on the tongue when drinking it is to give 1-2 grains of salt, a little sweetened condensed milk. On account of it, it will help coffee smell better, have more attractive colors, stronger flavors, reduce sugar smell more effectively.

Follow these steps to make your coffee taste.

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