How to make Espresso..

It is noticeable that brewing coffee is so trouble-free. But how to make an Espresso cup that makes people adore is a hard question. This article will reveal a little bit arcana about making Espresso more charming.

Firstly, you have to know the method which is based on the four letters M’s: Macinazione meaning how to grind the coffee, Miscela is the mixed coffee, Macchina is the coffee maker and Mano is the skillful hand of the barista.

To make a perfect cup of Espresso, you need to follow 4 principles:

1. Well-mix the Espresso beans:

The purpose of mixing is to create a distinctive coffee flavor. Different types of coffee beans are used. It mainly comes from Brazil, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

2. Roasting Espresso:

A delicious espresso has not only a nice aroma but also sweetness. Normally, people only roast the coffee until they hear the first explosion of grain.

3. Grind Espresso:

People often use burr-style grinders to grind Espresso coffee. The grinding process must take place as quickly as possible, you should limit the time when coffee exposes to the air. And the reasonable grinding time is from 23 – 28 seconds.

4. Making Espresso:

After roasting, mixing, grinding, measuring and compressing, Barista conduct to brew coffee. Before, rinse filters with hot water to remove any chemicals on the paper. This process is called temperature stabilization. Then, put the filter in place and place a beaker at the bottom of the filter. Press the button to start the first phase of the process.

The coffee will begin to flow at the spout until the espresso gradually turns pale. Making Espresso coffee is considered an art and Barista will show their skills. Espresso is also a “foundation” to create many other attractive types of coffee such as Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Americano…

Hope you know clearly through this article.

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