How to make Vietnamese coffee with perfect taste

The concept of clean roasted coffee is simple to understand 100% pure coffee, without mixing any other additives. So, how is the processing process for producing pure roasted and ground coffee? Here are some important steps in how to make vietnamese coffee.

How to make vietnamese coffee is to distinguish roasted coffee beans

Coffee in Vietnam is often processed according to two methods: Processing wet and dry. Although, it is the same when classifying sizes according to floor. Wet coffee is much higher with other standards.

We need to classify coffee beans with the aim of eliminating black, defective, moldy, termite seeds. The selection of good and uniform materials will help processing process more quickly and easily. At the same time, it also helps to produce good quality coffee.

Unroasted coffee beans often have different sizes and types, so the economic value is also different.

Coffee roasting time determines the taste of coffee

Coffee roasting time has a great influence on the taste of finished coffee. An example of the ratio of a perfect Espresso is the balance of all three bitter, acrid, sour and fragrant flavors.

Roasting level 8 – 10 minutes: two sour and acrid balanced, the aroma is not clear, slightly bitter. Extract light coffee water

Roasting level 11 – 14 minutes: Both sour and acrid and bitter taste reach the balance. The aroma of coffee was also clearer.

Roasting level 14 – 16 minutes: High bitter coffee, heavy coffee juice extract, acrid taste and reduced sour taste. At this level of roasting, all the aromas of coffee are almost eliminated because of too long roasting in high temperatures.

Manual coffee roasting process

To get the right cup of coffee, you must make it from the roasted coffee beans with the right time and temperature. Currently there are many products of roasted coffee beans or coffee powder on the market. However, the quality is not all pure, clean, not mixed.

How to make Vietnamese coffee at home
Manual coffee roasting process

Therefore, some people often roast their own coffee at home to ensure quality. If you are passionate, love coffee and want to how to make vietnamese coffee , please consult the manual coffee roasting process at home below.

Step for how to make vietnamese coffee

Step 1: First of all, you need to select the best quality green beans.

Next step: Prepare coffee roaster including: wooden spoon, thick bottom pan, gas stove or electric stove, mini coffee grinder or blender

Step 3: Perform manual coffee roaster according to the instructions below:

  • You need to turn on the stove to make a small fire and place the pan on the stove.
  • The next, you wait to the pan is hot, add coffee and stir constantly, avoiding the burning of coffee beans at the bottom.
  • You see coffee beans shrink, dry out, start to scent and have a dark yellow color, increase the temperature.
  • After, continue to roast and stir the coffee evenly for 17-20 minutes. Wait for coffee beans to start to hatch, turn dark brown, turn off the stove, and finish roasting.
  • For the natural aroma of coffee to be retain, after roasting you need to cool them as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Use a mini coffee grinder or blender to grind roasted coffee into powder.

Hopefully, with the above information, readers have learned more about the process of producing roasted coffee. After, you can make delicious roasted and ground coffee by hand.

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