Jasmine green tea – A perfect combination!

Jasmine green tea has been regarded as a daily drink of the Vietnamese people long ago, so everyone has a soft for this drink.

It can be used as a treasured item on traditional holidays. On the other hand, we can see that people usually enjoy hot cups of tea to welcome guests who come to their house.

Nowadays, under lots of different processes of making tea, the young generation still prefers milk teacups with different mixes to create a new trend in recent years.

Naturally dried from traditional ways of combining green tea flavor with pure jasmine flavor, Jasmine Green Tea gradually becomes a tea that anyone can drink, even for those who have never or rarely drink tea.

Jasmine has the power to eliminate all stress and depression. It is very easy to verify this effect. Let’s try sipping a cup of Jasmin Green Tea when you have a headache, immediately, it will help you regain strength and melt all stress. It will bring us back to a state of balance both mentally and physically. Coupled with that, Jasmin Green Tea, which is also a supplement help you to enhances the process of eliminating toxins and excess fat in the body, improve the digestive system, and increase metabolism.

Jasmine Green Tea also develops all the properties when it is combined with milk tea. The light aroma of tea and jasmine and the greasy milk flavor create a very special and attractive mixture. Although it is milk tea, you will not feel heavy, instead of having a soft, fragrant flavor.

As far as I know, the combination of Jasmine green tea and strawberry is so wonderful.


Jasmine green tea: 150ml

Strawberries: 2 berries

Sugar water: 20ml

Ice: 200g

After brewing jasmine green tea leaf, you take 120ml of tea essence, pour the ingredients into a shaker to blend the ingredients, then pour out a cup and decorate with diced strawberries. It’s best to quench your thirst with this drink.

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