Pho Co Coffee is one of the few Jamaican blue mountain coffee retailers in Vietnam

jamaican blue mountain coffee retailers

The best jamaican blue mountain coffee retailers

Anyone who has ever learned about coffee always has a question that “what is the best coffee in the world?”. And after asking for a longtime with the coffee maker or via the Internet, they all collectively have an answer, “Jamaica blue mountain coffee“. Of course, this is not the only delicious coffee in the world. But it is undeniable that it is named one of the best coffee with the highest price. There are many jamaican blue mountain coffee retailers in the world, especially in Central America. However, Jamaican blue mountain coffee retailers are relatively few in Vietnam. So many Vietnamese people may not have acknowledge to Jamaican blue mountain coffee. Therefore, I want to write this title about it to introduce you and other people who don’t know it. Or are interested in learning more about this type of coffee beans.

(Photo: Blue Jamaica mountains)

Starting from the name

Blue Mountain is a mountainous region located in Eastern Jamaica with a lot of volcanoes which have the altitude of 2000-2200m above sea level. There are many documents saying that the minerals and fertility of the land in here are also very special compared to other volcanic regions in the world. Besides, in order to get to these peaks, tourists have to travel very hard and through narrow, dangerous roads. Furthermore, the whole world knows it as the famous coffee beans, which are cultivated on high mountains along with year-round frost and fertile soil.

The climate here

Blue Jamaica Mountain has a special climatic condition. A special place with dense fog but not frost (salt mist), one of the things that harms South American coffee plantations, which has been creating Special coffee fruit. For that reason, although the coffee growing area in Jamaica is extremely modest compared to other regions in Central America. Their coffee still has a place to stand, even standing very high in the ranking of quality.

Experience with Jamaica Blue Mountain

For more details about Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (JBM, also short for foreign coffee blogs). This is not the first time I have the opportunity to experience. More than two years ago, in Bangkok I tried it once and in America, I tried one. The difference in these tests is that the price is quite high and their roasting is medium roasted (medium roasted) so the highlight of the coffee is quite sour, besides because it is not self-brewing, the amount of coffee is drink at the shop will be very modest. (they usually have cafes which only mix 10gr for guests only).

Blue Jamaican coffee retailers in Hanoi – Pho Co Coffee

jamaican blue mountain coffee retailers
retail jamaican green coffee coffee is only available at Pho Co Coffee

At the end of the day, we bought a Jamaican blue mountain coffee package to cupping this weekend at Hanoi by Pho Co Coffee. I do not encourage you to buy expensive or scarce goods, nor to “sanctify” JBM coffee. Because after all, good coffee depends on the drinker. But today, when traveling with a friend from Australia (a country with a strong coffee culture), he picked up 3 Jamaican blue mountain coffee packages at Pho Co Coffee – Vietnam. And gave them Great feedback on Jamaican Coffee in the heart of Hanoi. So order and enjoy this jamaican blue mountain coffee here.

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