Pho Co Coffee paradise of the best Vietnamese coffee beans

best vietnamese coffee beans

Best Vietnamese coffee beans, quality must converge the elements

The best vietnamese coffee beans must meet all the special elements of flavor and taste. It is divided into five main groups: About sweetness, acidity, bitterness (bitter), strongness (mouthfeel) and aroma (flavor).

Experts or connoisseurs of coffee they appreciate a good cup of coffee is not difficult. For families, delicious coffee is when a cup of coffee is balanced with all the elements: Sweet, sour, bitter, rich and fragrant.

The sweetness of coffee

Sugar (sucrose and glucose, alcohols, glycols and some amino acids), account for 6% – 9% of the weight in the best Vietnamese coffee beans. The sweetness is easy to feel first at the tip of the tongue when you enjoy pure coffee. To be able to experience the most clearly, diners can experience coffee brewing with pour-over method such as aeropress, kalita, chemex, melita, ..

So how to make best Vietnamese coffee beans keep sweetness. Besides the coffee variety, if you look from the perspective of production, it ensured from two important stages: Harvesting ripe and preliminary processed fruits in the right way. This is a hard work to taste coffee better.

Where does the bitter taste of pure coffee come from?

Many people think that coffee is a bitter taste, but most don’t know where the bitterness of coffee comes from and why? Therefore, many stores, such as Pho Co Coffee, also provide coffee production that produces bitter taste by roasting very strong coffee beans. Coffee has a bitter taste because Caffeine is one of the ingredients that makes bitterness in coffee (10%, besides, there is another substance, Trigonelline).

How to determine the sour taste of the best Vietnamese coffee beans?

If you are not a professional Barista, it is very difficult to assess the sour taste from coffee beans. Depending on the type of coffee will have different sour taste. There are pleasant or well-known types of sour tastes such as sourness of oranges, lemons, blueberries, strawberries … but all have a pleasant sweet aftertaste. The sour taste is not a favorite flavor in Vietnam but there are many people who like this taste.


Pho Co Coffee paradise of the best Vietnamese coffee beans
The best Vietnamese coffee beans for everyone

The combination of coffee water is a bold term. Not strong coffee is more delicious than dilute than worse. Delicious or bad depending on the taste of each person and how to choose by mixing or blending method? 

How to distinguish the best Vietnamese coffee beans?

The scent of coffee is very rich, with more than 800 flavors from different varieties. Take, for example, one of the Pho Co Coffee’s products that you can find. When you enjoy it, you will easily catch the smell of fruit or natural chocolate flavor.

If you are observant, you will find the coffee flavor most recognizable at different stages:

– Right after grinding coffee beans into powder.

– After mixing, the scent will waft through the coffee solution.

– When you enjoy, you will hear this scent after taking a sip of coffee. It is considered an aftertaste of coffee.

Do not miss chance to visit Pho Co Coffee and choose for yourself the great coffee beans than ever. Or visit their website here for shopping and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee only when you choose the type you like. Some people like to drink pure coffee, some like to drink coffee mixed with some other ingredients.

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