Process of producing weasel coffee vietnam

Process of producing weasel coffee vietnam

Weasel coffee Vietnam is an excellent coffee that is classified as the rarest in the world. This is a premium coffee that any coffee lover also has a passion for a unique flavor that we cannot find in other kinds of coffee.

Due to geographical and natural characteristics, only four countries in the world can produce weasel coffee, including Vietnam. Weasel coffee Vietnam, one of the most appreciated weasel coffee in the coffee world, is farmed in Central Highlands, mainly in Dak Lak and Lam Dong Province.  

There is no exaggeration to say that weasel coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. However, this kind of drink becomes luxurious not only as its flavor but also by the production process.

For further information, let’s find out how to produce weasel coffee vietnam.

How to produce weasel coffee vietnam

How weasel “make” weasel coffee

First, with its sharp sense of smell, the weasel will choose to eat the best coffee beans in the ripest fruits which have no insect bites, no unusual smells or traces. Typically, only about 20% of the provided coffee beans will be chosen to eat. Each weasel in a healthy state consumes only about 200 grams of coffee per day.

Process of producing weasel coffee vietnam

But not every day weasels eat only coffee; they only eat a certain amount in one week, the rest are other foods such as insects, reptiles, some kinds of fruits. You can see that the amount of coffee in weasel is minimal.

Detailed production process of weasel coffee vietnam

The detailed production process includes four stages:

Stage 1: Collect and clean

After biochemical processes in the bowel, weasel feces are released and collected. The method of collecting coffee is manual; people have to scour, search for each yard of weasel feces to find coffee beans in it.

Then the weasel feces are washed many times. Due to the collection of coffee beans in the weasel feces, the first steps to make weasel coffee vietnam must ensure its cleanness and the coffee have no longer any taste from weasel feces.

Stage 2: Expose to the sun

After being washed, coffee beans will be spread evenly, exposed to the sun to ensure the moisture of coffee beans is only about 10-12%. Therefore, the experience and calculation of evaporation of coffee beans are essential.

Stage 3: Pit rice husk

After drying, coffee beans are put into the machine to pit the leftover crust, before going through manual screening again. All seeds will be scored and arranged at each level. Only qualified beans are selected to produce weasel coffee vietnam.

After the filtration is complete, we have standard fresh weasel coffee for packing, then bring it to the roaster.

Stage 4: Roast

The process of roasting weasel coffee is the most crucial stage for any coffee. If its process of roasting is conducted accurately with the right technique, it will determine the taste, aroma, and color of coffee. It is the main factor evaluating how quality coffee is.

There are many ways to roast coffee. But with it, the optimal way is to roast moderately, in order not to break the complex flavor structure of coffee, and to push the flavor to the highest level. At the same time, after roasting, the coffee must be cooled as quickly as possible to retain the flavor inside.

Weasel coffee vietnam price

In Pho Co Coffee, the cost of weasel coffee vietnam is about 300.000 VND – 620.000 VND for 250 grams. It is an affordable price to enjoy this premium coffee. So, to buy this delicious coffee, click here.

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