Some leading coffee chain brands in Vietnam.

Currently, coffee shops gradually become one of the beloved places for the young. To meet that demand, a series of chain coffee shop brands were born and achieved lots of success. Let’s take a look at some leading coffee chain brands in Vietnam.

1. Lofita Drinks

In spite of being born after a large coffee chain for a long time, Lofita is very successful with the development orientation and specificity in its products up to now.

Officially launched in September 2018, only after 9 months, Lofita has attracted more than 300,000 customers and became one of the young people’s gatherings in Hanoi. Unlike other coffee chains, the space at Lofita is designed in a sole and unique style that is suitable for the space and customers in each location. 

Lofita Drinks

2. Highlands Coffee:

Being the Top 10 leading coffee chain brands in Vietnam is undoubtedly Highlands Coffee. It is thought to be the most successful chain cafe brand. 

Most of Highlands Coffee’s location is under the buildings or next to the commercial center which has two fronts right on the crowded street. Highlands Coffee customers are pretty diverse with office people, business people, families … with good income. After the success of Highlands Coffee, Jollibee International recently bought this chain cafe brand and continues to expand widely. Highlands Coffee is introduced into Jollibee’s restaurant systems in the Philippines and Indonesia… 

Highlands Coffee

3. The Coffee House:

As far as I know, The Coffee House was born after Highlands Coffee for a long time. But up to now, it is also very successful with its own business and cultural philosophy.

Established since 2014, The Coffee House has now had 80 stores nationwide. It is worth noting that The Coffee House designs the space in the trend of modernity and elegance to intending to attract young people and the ones who are passionate and creative … The Coffee House is a reliable destination for those who want to experience working in a cafe and also suitable for groups of friends to come to exchange, chat…

The Coffee House

4. Urban Station:

Urban Station is a good example of a coffee chain start-up. Inspired by the American takeaway cafe culture of the 90s of the century. Previously, Urban Station was built in the style that is true to its name: An urban stop. The space of Urban Station is designed in a youthful and urban style with a dominant green color, the wall is painted with creative images, with the sound of Western countries. 

Urban Station

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