Supplying Vietnamese Weasel Coffee Exports to Korea

Vietnam has been famous as the second largest coffee exporting country in the world. And Korea is a potential market for Vietnam’s coffee industry. For every 600 Koreans, there will be 1 coffee shop (according to 2017 statistics). Korea is the country with the highest density of coffee shops in the world. Especially Vietnam’s mink coffee output is being imported the top 1 in Korea.

Vietnamese businesses are recommended by the Import-Export Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade. Should learn, research, capture the market and tastes of consumers in Korea. Thus, the new Vietnamese coffee brands leave a mark in the shopping habits of indigenous customers in Korea as well as customers traveling from Korea to Vietnam.

Vietnamese weasel coffee still has many “potential opportunities” at Korean porcelain

In 2017-2018 40% of Korean customers preferred Americano coffee. But many coffee shops are trying to try new products like espresso coffee, which is much more convenient to carry around.

But in 2019, up to 15% of Korean customers have gradually preferred the more premium coffee. Because the taste of customers’ enjoyment is becoming more and more sophisticated. One of the high-class coffee is indispensable Vietnamese mink coffee. Not only famous in Vietnam but also in the world. Weasel coffee has been recognized by domestic and international customers for its distinct flavor from other common types of coffee.

Vietnam is the second largest source of coffee for Korea in general. But in particular, ferret coffee in Korea, Vietnam is the number one source.

According to the Vietnam Export-Import Department, “Korea is a potential market for Vietnam’s coffee industry when coffee demand tends to increase sharply. People in Korea are tending to socialize more. Over the past decade, people have been accustomed to going out and enjoying a cup of coffee. This habit has contributed to increasing and promoting the development of the coffee industry ”in Korea today. Coffee gradually became not only a drink of enjoyment but also a gift chosen by the Korean people to send to each other. Especially high-end gifts such as ferret coffee are always sought and selected.

Information of Korean coffee import

Coffee import tax into Korea is quite low and not subject to special consumption tax: unroasted coffee beans = 2%; roasted coffee = 8%; Instant coffee = 8%. Value-added tax (VAT) = 10%.

Among imported coffee products, Korea mainly imports green coffee beans from the US, Japan, Brazil and Vietnam. In particular, Vietnam is the No. 1 supplier of roasted coffee to South Korea. Consumer trends of the Korean coffee market: Over the past 5 years, the demand for Korean coffee has increased by 37%. Korean consumers are very concerned about health. For them, black coffee has health benefits, so they switch to black coffee more. Instant coffee tends to decrease.

Pho Co Coffee is proud to have exported a part of Vietnamese weasel coffee to Korea

With experience of roasting and traditional coffee, Pho Co Coffee has many major retail stores in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Not just a coffee supplier for many regional cafes and restaurants. But Pho Co Coffee has been known not only Vietnamese people. But also foreigners from Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Especially, many customers from Korea have proposed to cooperate to export Vietnamese weasel coffee to this national market.

The love and confidence of Korean customers for the weasel coffee products of Pho Co Coffee in Korea. Along with good quality coffee, Korean tourists in Vietnam enjoy and experience. Pho Co Coffee is always proud to have the weasel coffee product always being searched for the top purchase at the largest search site in Korea. It is Naver with the keyword “Korean weasel coffe ” 흰 족제비 커피 “

In addition to specializing in supplying pure coffee beans for the system of cafes, restaurants, hotels, high-class coffee as gifts, pure carpentry coffee for export to develop its own brands and products. Pho Co Coffee. In addition, Pho Co Coffee also receives processing orders on request, from all domestic and international partners. With the supply of high quality powdered coffee beans, meeting all domestic and export demands. Affordable reputation, support development. Especially weasel coffee products are always focused and promoted by Pho Co Coffee.

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