Most people choose tea because they are delicious and there are just a few people who know that tea brings so many benefits that we have not yet discovered it all. Let’s explore a few interesting things about the effects of tea so people can have a broader and deeper understanding of the tea leaves.

  1. Tea is produced by the process of drying, grinding, fermenting, mixing. Depending on the production process, we have different types of tea such as green tea, chronic tea, ginseng tea.
  2. Tea leaves contain 20-30% tannic acid, which plays an important role in helping the human body enhance immunity and antibacterial.
  3. Tea also contains the stimulant as coffee, about 5% alkaloids. This type of natural chemical compound stimulates the central nervous system and increases metabolic processes.
  4. Ethnic minorities in China think that it is better to have a shortage of salt for 3 days than to have a lack of tea for a day.
    Thus, we can see that tea is very important in human life.
  5. To smokers, tea can help them eliminate nicotine toxins when smoking.
  6. Do you realize that the benefits of tea also apply to the production of toothpaste? That’s because tea has nutrients like fluoride and tannins that help keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  7. Among the teas, green tea has a much better use, it can prevent diseases like kidney stones and Alzheimer’s.
  8. Drinking tea does not cause fat because it has no calories at all. Instead of choosing high-calorie carbonated drinks or alcoholic drinks, you can replace it with a cup of green tea that helps the body cool and have better skin.
  9. Tea protects your bones and helps them firmer. According to the latest research, people who drink tea for more than 10 years have better resistance to illnesses than those who do not drink even when they smoke a lot. In particular, the incidence of osteoarthritis in these people is very low. However, do not think that you can smoke arbitrarily because tea is still there.
    Although tea brings a lot of effects on human life, we should not be too dependent and abuse on it. If we drink too much, it will bring unwanted side effects. Moreover, there are many nutritious drinks such as fruit juice and milk. We should create a balance in our diet and supply the necessary nutrients for the body scientifically.

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