The best espresso coffee that you should try in Vietnam?

What is the best espresso coffee that you should try in Vietnam?

Current type of coffee in Vietnam

Coffee market at the moment is quite balance. The drinks associated with coffee are also more diverse in form and segment. As a type of coffee, I still find cappuccino, espresso popular and have been present in developing countries all over the world and in Vietnam. In this writing, we will learn about espresso, one of the typical products of coffee.

Origin of espresso

Espresso originates from Italian espressivo, the word describes a food specially prepared for diners. At the origination, from the very beginning, espressivo only was an espresso coffee in bars.

Espresso is a type of coffee which often drunk in Italy and Spain, where it is simply called coffee. It has now spread to many parts of the world. Espresso originated in Italy, which appeared to be brewing this way around 1930.

Espresso have to literally “pressed”. This method of brewing using hot and steamed water through roasted and ground coffee with high pressure (ideally 9-10 atmosphere) makes coffee 15 times more dense than coffee compared to other countries. A cup of espresso is black and concentrated juice with a very high concentration. Therefore, the level is limit to less than 20 ml. A delicious espresso cup needs a layer of reddish brown foam floating on the face called crema (cream). 

Composition of an espresso cup

Espresso is a drink make by compressing a small amount of water at a near evaporation temperature and letting it run through smooth coffee. Under the pressure of water, the phenomenon of absorbing hot water through a soft compacted coffee. Therefore, it will separate all the ingredients of the coffee. Water carries solutes, oils, and even insoluble substances into the cup.

best espresso coffee
The best espresso brings a sweet taste!

Layers of best espresso coffee 

There are two basic layers of espresso separation: the crema layer and the liquid layer.

Crema is make of CO2 and its foam surrounded by water and oil. Crema also includes coffee and emulsifying oils found in coffee beans. This layer can be very bitter and there is a lively debate. Should be stir before drinking to mix the layers together or not?

The main component of separating espresso is the liquid formed by solutes, gases, and insoluble substances. This is the part that makes up the taste of the espresso we love.

Suitable temperature for a best espresso coffee

To make a delicious and crema-rich espresso, use an espresso machine. In this machine hot water 88 ° C to 94 ° C have pressed with an initial pressure of about 9 bars through a finely ground coffee powder. The flow time must be 25 seconds. If the right amount of water flows faster than the flavors which have dissolved, it is possible to understand that water flowing through coffee powder slowly will have too much soluble bitter substance.

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