The best green tea in Vietnam with the most specialized taste

The best green tea in Vietnam

Process of best green tea in Vietnam

Collection: The best green tea is collected from tea buds of young two-leafed shrimp, where many of the most nutritious tea buds are concentrated for processing

Making wilt: Spread the fresh tea buds evenly onto the wilted trough, thickness of 10-15 cm, under the wilted trough with fan (rain or cold weather may have to supply hot packs from burning stoves) until satisfactory: The tea is slightly soft and the tea buds turn dark green. They have a fragrant, not fresh, and are not covered. The time of wilting is 4-8 hours depending on climatic conditions and specific materials.

Removal of yeast: Unlike black tea, green tea preparing to produce without fermentation stage, instead of destroying yeast, or to suspend enzyme activity in tea leaves. Yeast killing is a decisive step for the quality of green tea. By this method, almost in green tea retains the majority of catechin, tannin, vitamins and other compounds.

Tea crust: After the tea has killed the lightly crushed yeast (hot pot) for 2-3 minutes, then cool it in the defrosting machine. The level of a light batch of fermentation is equivalent to 1 batch of fermentation. The tea, which has cooled and sufficient quantity, has taken to the second time, the time of crunching is 30 minutes. Then, to the beating machine and it is thinly spread in the hot spots to go to the drying platform immediately.

Tea drying: Conducting tea drying, drying equipment is conveyor dryer, DO fuel. Put the tea into drying conveyor belt to spread thinly. Provide air temperature into the drying chamber from 130-1500C and adjus t the machine speed from 5-6 m/s. When the tea bud moisture has dried for 15-18% of the first drying, it will necessary to spread to the tarpaulins even though it is incubated with moisture. The thickness of the tea layer is 25-30cm when incubated. Using the second dryer as the first drying. However, the air temperature must be adjusted from 100-1050C and the machine speed is from 5-8m/s. When the moisture content of tea after drying is 3-4%, spread out the tea even after cooling. Then pack it with PP and PE for preservation.

Conducting sorting, inspection and packaging of products:

Depending on the purpose of use, you should check the tea for preliminary classification and then officially classified. Each production facility will have a final product quality check according to product requirements.

Best green tea making steps

You need it: tea, warm cups and tea to start

The best green tea in Vietnam with the most specialized taste

State 1:

1. Water: Once again, you shall make sure your water is filtered bottled water and not mineral water or tap water. Most teas is make with tea under boiling temperature, in the range of 75 ° C – 98 ° C depending on the type.

2. Warm up the cup: When the kettle is close to boiling, pour water into it, cover it. When the teapot warms up, you pour all the water out into tea and glasses.

3. Tea: Put tea into warm, less tea depending on each type. Usually 1/5 to 1/2 teapot.

State 2

4. Wake up tea: pour hot water in tea and pour it away as quickly as possible.

• This is not drinking water. It has the effect of “awakening” so that the tea leaves begin to expand.

• Hot water wakes tea not boiling water.

5. Braking tea: Pour hot water into a warm, warm lid and hold tea for 10-40 seconds depending on the type of tea. This is the most important stage. Make sure the water temperature and brake time are consistent with the type of tea.

State 3

6. Pour tea: after 10-40 seconds, pour all the water from the teapot into the specialty. Then from the new specialist poured tea cup, it is very important step to help you on stopping the process and keeping the tea in warm. You should pour quickly and pour out all the water in the kettle.

• Make sure the warm water is pour out, leaving no excess water in the kettle.

• Open the warm lid after pouring the tea out, so that the tea doesn’t get “hot” because of the high temperature.

7. Brave the next tea: Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the next phase. The following brake time usually takes longer than the previous phase.

• If the first tea is too light or too dark, adjust the time at the next brake.

• Tasty tea and clever mix, you can repeat 5-8 times the tea brake, before the taste becomes too light.

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