Jasmine has a very characteristic soft fragrance. It is no coincidence that jasmine is used as an ingredient for tea-making recipes. In fact, a lot of people say that drinking dried jasmine tea regularly has miraculous effects on health and beauty.

Nowadays, lots of kinds of jasmine tea have entered the market. As a consequence, buyers do not determine which one should be chosen. Reading this article is a bright way to help you know more about jasmine tea.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Jasmine pearl tea which is a fully handmade green tea originating from West Lake, Hangzhou, China is known as the highest quality jasmine tea on the market. 

Usually, a bud and two beautiful young tea leaves are carefully selected and rolled into tight balls or pearls. After that, they are brought into an incense with jasmine seven times a night.

The scrupulous rolling process produces tight tea balls that slowly unfurl when they are brewed. 

Jasmine Dragon Pearls are made using only tea leaves from the first flush that occurs in spring. These leaves feature silky, white tips and a tender flavor.

Jasmine Silver Needles

Coming from the Fujian province, Jasmine Silver Needles is the impeccable intermingling of quality and price.

The name comes from the soft white tips present on delicate white tea leaves. Silver Needle white tea leaves are long and spindly.

They are made using only the first flush of tea leaves and consist only of the first two leaves of each shoot. Jasmine flowers are infused into the Silver Needle tea for a subtle flavor that is gentler than jasmine green tea varieties such as Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

Yin Hao Jasmine Tea

Combine green tea leaves and jasmine blossoms, an excellent product – Yin Hao was born. The tea is sold as a loose leaf tea and features delicate spindles of leaves and the occasional flower blossom.

Yin Hao jasmine tea is light and clear with a pale yellow tinge. It is reflected in a medium body tea with a heady aroma and sweet flavor.

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