The best way to make delicious weasel coffee that many people don’t know

First, you must have pure weasel coffee (civet coffee, kopi luwak) not impregnated with any other types of soybeans, cornstarch. To ensure this, choose a trusted brand and a trusted seller or ask the seller to grind directly before your eyes. Or buy home-made coffee beans and you grind it out into a powder yourself. It is a good preparation to proceed to make delicious weasel coffee.

Next you need to have a good filter, just enough volume to hold just enough 1 cup of coffee. Do not use too large filter. Sturdy grip, filter lid and coffee squeeze must be hard, stainless steel filter is better.

The steps to make traditional weasel coffee delicious

Step 1: Rinse the coffee filter through boiling water first to reduce the amount of heat that the filter absorbs, so that when brewed, the coffee will receive a fuller amount of heat to make the coffee cup darker and more fragrant. Then add 1/3 – 1/4 coffee powder (The amount of coffee to be used depends on each person’s strong or medium preferences) will average 3 teaspoons of coffee powder (about 25gr) into the filter and shake well for leveled coffee, flat surface.

Step 2: Use squeezed coffee moderate. Not too tight nor too light. If too tight, it will be difficult for the coffee to flow, but if too light, the coffee will be very light and the coffee powder will swell. This requires a lot of experience and familiarity.

Step 3: Use clean water to boil at a temperature of 95-100 degrees Celsius to make coffee
The first time: You put in about 10ml – 20ml of boiling water, mainly to make the coffee wet enough, cover the coffee lid, do not let the heat escape from the filter, wait for 40 seconds for the coffee to absorb all the water inside and just in time to expand.
Next: Add about 80ml -100ml of water (fill with water close to the mouth of the coffee filter). If you find the coffee goes down too quickly, adjust the filter by pressing down on the coffee stopper and vice versa. Adjust it so that the number of coffee drops per minute is about 45-50 drops / minute.
After 5-6 minutes, you will have a delicious, delicious weasel coffee. Add a little sugar or milk, to enjoy a cup of coffee, depending on your preferences. But I recommend enjoying its pure taste if you can drink regular black coffee.

Step 4: When the coffee falls down, you should follow closely, the coffee dripping down. A few drops every second counts as your first success. As the coffee flows more quickly, it is because you have made less coffee or pressed it not tightly.

Make yourself a cup of Weasel coffee especially great to enjoy your life! Wish you always full of energy to succeed!

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