Top 3 best hanoi coffee shops for coffee lovers to visit

top 3 best hanoi coffee shops you should visit.

Finding the most suitable coffee shop to your interest in Hanoi is no longer a hard question. Nowadays, there are a lot of hanoi coffee shops for you to take consideration. Let’s read this article to find out the top 3 best hanoi coffee shops you should visit.

The list of top 3 best hanoi coffee shops

1. Pho Co Coffee

Pho Co Coffee is a pioneer in providing the market of pure and clean coffee products. Coming to Pho Co Coffee, you do not have to worry about its quality.

 top 3 best hanoi coffee shops you should visit.

The founders of this Pho Co Coffee brand have spread the secret of a long-standing traditional coffee roaster. Pho Co Coffee focuses on the production process of the roaster. Moreover, it chooses from many regions to provide everyone loves coffee with the best kind of coffee.

Pho Co Coffee also focuses on providing stable quality at an affordable price. This is suitable for many coffee lovers because they can enjoy coffee every day without worrying about the price. Also, you can feel secure as inferior quality products will not be sold in Pho Co Coffee. Customers can enjoy the coffee and bought it as a gift for their friends.

Currently, Pho Co Coffee has many main retail departments in Hanoi. Besides, Pho Co Coffee is also a coffee supplier for many other coffees and restaurants in the region with coffee and tea. Pho Co Coffee is one of the top-ranking hanoi coffee shops.

2. Trung Nguyen Legend

In the list of hanoi coffee shops is one of the top choices for coffee drinkers who want to enjoy “real” coffee. Trung Nguyen Coffee has many kinds of coffee from popular to high-quality, with 100% pure roasted coffee coming from Vietnam.

If you are used to drinking coffee of Trung Nguyen Legend, then you will find it very difficult to drink coffee at the street with no brand. What is more, you will immediately recognize the difference in the taste of coffee mixed with many additives.

3. Duong Coffee

Duong Cafe directly produces and distributes fresh coffee products with grain, kernel, powder, and fresh lines. Hence, it always gives perfect products. Besides, Duong Coffee is a famous brand for the choice of domestic and foreign customers.

Clean coffee for a clean life is always the slogan of Duong Cafe. It ensures to bring great success to customers with the commitment to sell only 100% pure coffee. It deserves to be voted by consumers as one of the first-rate hanoi coffee shops.

The best choice of hanoi coffee shops

Pho Co Coffee is considered to be the best hanoi coffee shop that everyone should take priority. Due to its affordable price, excellent service as well as a high-quality product, Pho Co Coffee definitely meets your demand. What is more, if you are not in Hanoi, you can order through its website here. The online system ensures many interests for their customers. That’s why Pho Co Coffee receives many supports at home and abroad.

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