Vietnam robusta coffee is the soul of Vietnamese coffee

vietnam robusta coffee

The parts of Vietnam robusta coffee

Robusta coffee (nomenclature of two parts: Coffea Canephora or Coffea Robusta) is the second most important coffee plant in coffee varieties. It dominates almost all of the 3 billion crops and global export output. About 39% of coffee products are produced from Robusta coffee varieties. And the largest Robusta coffee exporter in the world is Vietnam. The nature has given us great conditions to be able to do it. Turn Robusta coffee into the soul of Vietnamese coffee.

The productivity of the robusta coffee

In 2012, Vietnam is proud to be the number 1 coffee exporter in the world, the fifth year in a row that has exceeded the landmark of 500,000 hectares, the estimated export volume is 1.6 million tons with a turnover of 3, 4 billion USD.

Development of exporting Vietnam robusta coffee

For years, Vietnam has also become the No. 1 country of Robusta coffee exports. The largest importers of Robusta coffee in Vietnam can include Germany (market share of 12.3%), the US (12.2%). Italy and Spain – countries that often drink espresso, a type of coffee that people often think of using only Arabica coffee beans. But it actually blended between Arabica and Robusta at a rate of 60:40 or 70 : 30. These are also the largest Robusta coffee importers of Vietnam.

The assessment of IFC about robusta vietnam coffee

According to data from the International Coffee Organization (IFC), in the first quarter of 2012 Robusta coffee imports into the US increased by 80% compared to the same period last year. While Arabica coffee reducing the amount of to less than 1 / 3 over the same period. The trend of increasing Robusta coffee imports along with the trend of increasing Robusta coffee in the blending rate starts in 2011. The showing that the global style of enjoying coffee has changed. Some coffee trading companies have prepared for changes in coffee content in the long term. COEX, the company traded about 3.5 million bags of coffee per year, recently opened an office in Vietnam.

The present Vietnam Robusta Coffee

The changing trend of enjoying coffee and seeing the value of Robusta coffee makes the whole world change the way of looking at Vietnam – the No. 1 Robusta coffee exporter. From here, Robusta becomes spiritual the soul of Vietnamese coffee. Thanks to the privileged nature of giving the suitable climate and soil conditions for cultivation and developing Robusta coffee varieties; which is suitable for elevations below 1,000 m, temperatures of 24 to 29 degrees and does not require herbicides and pesticides . In addition, robusta coffee doubled the amount of Arabica coffee. Nearly 90% of coffee land in Vietnam is for Robusta coffee.

vietnam robusta coffee

Ignoring the 30 years of war (1945 – 1975) and 20 years of sanctions imposed by the US and its allies. Until 1995 onwards, Vietnam is fully involved in global trade. However, within the next 17 years, Vietnam has naturally ranked first in the world in coffee export volume. Buon Ma Thuot – the coffee capital – known as the largest Robusta coffee in the country. Other famous Robusta coffee growing areas are also spread around Buon Ma Thuot.

The development of the domestic coffee industry, the value of Vietnamese coffee will be 10 times higher than the present in the next 10-15 years. Thence improving the development of the coffee industry in Vietnam. Pho Co Coffee always promotes their coffee production, including Robusta Coffee. We always provide the best products of coffee beans and coffee powder to customers worldwide through PhoCo Coffee website. Or you can order Vietnam robusta coffee here.

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