Weasel coffee is produced like ?

weasel coffee

When it comes to weasel coffee, people will think of premium drinks, cheap, a few million, and a few hundred million a kilogram expensive. So weasel coffee is produced like? Let’s find out.

Weasel coffee origin

weasel coffee

The key to the flavor, the magic transformation and the expensive price of mink coffee is that of coffee beans in the weasel’s stomach. Besides, to make the mink coffee cup, the coffee bean goes through extremely complicated stages.

As we all know, the most famous mink coffee line in the world is Kopi Luwak coffee which is made to be the dung of a weasel or spotted palm civet. Weasel coffee Kopi Luwak is classified as one of the most luxurious foods only for the rich.

The taste of weasel coffee is also very specific, very delicious that no other coffee processing process can create. The reason is that the digestive enzymes in the weasel’s stomach have been miraculously transformed, causing the coffee bean to lose its natural characteristics and replace it with an extremely delicate, gentle and seductive flavor.

How weasel coffee is produced ?

After being collected, the mink coffee beans are collected and passed through 4 strict processing stages to produce a delicious coffee cup.

Stage cleaning coffee beans

Due to collecting coffee beans in weasel manure, the first step of handling weasel coffee must be clean, done many times to make sure the coffee no longer shows any signs and smells from weasel dung.

Many people think that weasel coffee made from weasel manure should be quite unhygienic, but in fact, the weasel coffee cleaning process is still cleaner and more secure than regular coffee.

Weasel phase mink coffee beans

Coffee beans after being washed will be spread evenly, exposed to the sun to ensure the moisture in the beans is only about 10 – 12%. Therefore, the experience and calculation of evaporation of coffee beans is also extremely important.

Phase husk separation

Coffee beans in weasel manure do not have to be fully digested, but still retain the covered husk, so the beans are not contaminated during the digestive process of weasels.

Immediately after drying, coffee beans will be put into the husk separator before performing careful manual screening. Then, each coffee bean is graded, sorted and classified according to many levels and criteria, to select the qualified beans to produce.

weasel coffee

Phase roasting finished products

It can be said that roasting is the most important stage, deciding the taste and quality of any type of coffee, including mink coffee. Coffee beans are roasted in the right technique, right temperature, right time … will make the taste, scent, color also reach the best quality.

In general, there are many ways to roast coffee, but mink coffee is usually roasted in moderation, while not breaking the complicated taste structure due to the processing in the weasel stomach of coffee beans, simultaneously pushing the flavor. to the highest.

Immediately after roasting, coffee beans will be cooled down the fastest, vacuum packaging to ensure the coffee beans retain the best flavor.

The above is the answer to the question of how is mink coffee produced? Hope that you understand more about this premium drink.

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