Weasel Coffee Of Pho Co – The real Coffee Taste

If you plan to travel or go on business in VietNam, Ha Noi is the capital city where you can not ignored. Because there are so many beautiful place and delicious food with a drink excellent.For those who have the hobby of drinking coffee, Pho Co Coffee should be on the list when you come to HaNoi.

Pho Co Coffee famous for many types delicious coffee, the most typical is weasel coffee Vietnam, roasted and milled according to the traditional formula as possible make the taste of this weasel legend coffee are all the domestic and the international clients preferred than ever.

It is not difficult to find the way to shop, just type search “ Pho Co Coffee” in Google map and follow the instructions.

Staff of Pho Co Coffee is very friendly , You will Sightseeing and smell all types of coffee in here if you want.

Shop close at 10pm so you should visit the previous to choose a coffee flavor that you like. Especially, carry a weasel legend coffee bag here to enjoy with your friends or relatives.

Besides, Shop sells a lot of high jasmine tea. It means that, you can buy tea and coffee here making  gifts.

Add: 8 Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Email: contact.phococoffee@gmail.com 
Call us: +84 963633630 / +84 987710222

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