You are looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy, you just want to drink products that are good for health, and you do not want to buy products that have lots of chemicals which are harmful to health and the environment.
Your desires can be realized when you choose organic green tea, one of the top choices for beverage production.
As far as I know, there are many phrases that can confuse consumers such as safety, natural, non-GMO,… And some people do not know exactly the meaning of the word “organic”. So, this article could be an answer.
Organic farming includes the above phrases. Conversely, the above phrases do not mean organic.
In simpler terms, organic farming is a production process that does not use any artificial chemicals or synthetic substances, including pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and antibiotics, synthetic hormones, genetically modified organisms, and other unnatural substances.
The process of organic farming and production takes place actual strictly. First of all, to get organic certification, the land must go through at least 3 years without using chemicals to restore the soil.
After that, the farming process must be followed by organic farming standards and tightly monitored and recorded.
On the market, the most prestigious and largest organic certificate is the USDA certificate, which complies with the US Department of Agriculture standards.
With a view to obtaining organic certification, farms must severely follow the organic production process, cautiously record and be tested and proven to be safe for the environment and people by inspection experts.
Besides, especially in foreign countries, the farms are too small, they could not follow the procedures to get the certificate because of being cumbersome and expensive. According to USDA regulations, they can still declare themselves as the Organic farms if they follow precise organic farming standards and have a turnover of less than the US $ 5,000 per year.
Some others do not pursue organic farming, they may follow a softer model, a sustainable farm model, which is a nature-friendly one and ensures that arable land will get better every year instead of being worn down.
Several other ways you can use tea:

  • Cold-brew: you can brew organic green tea in cold water, leave overnight in the refrigerator and drink. This way of making tea sweet but rich used to drink as summer refreshments instead of fresh tea which is very flavorful.
  • You can use diluted green tea as mineral water. It can be refrigerated for 1-2 weeks.
  • You can add some organic green tea water to the meat stew or boiled chicken steamed fish.
  • You can make ice cream, cakes,…
A single lane gravel road runs diagonally through the land of a tea plantation near Rungwi in Southern Tanzania, As viewed from a higher altitude. On both sides of the light brown dusty road lies light green tea plantations with lines that demarcate the individual blocks in which the plants were planted. Behind a natural tropical forest is visible.

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