What is special about weasel coffee dalat?

What is special about weasel coffee dalat?

Weasel coffee dalat is a name that is no stranger to Vietnamese people in general, and Da Lat people in particular. This is a special kind of coffee that is classified as the most distinctive and rarest coffee in the world. This coffee is the most expensive of all types of coffee.

Many people enjoy this kind of coffee for many different purposes. One of the reasonable goals is its unique flavor. However, have ever you wondered why people are addicted to weasel coffee too much? Let’s find out by reading this article.

History of weasel coffee

Weasel coffee born associated with the story of culture, exceptional history of the country. It experienced many ups and downs of history and development to this day.

When French colonialists dominated Vietnam, workers would be severely punished if they were found to drink coffee or their coffee beans. Then, they were unwilling to approach this drink. However, coffee has a strange attraction; it makes you attach to its flavor.

One day, the workers told their owners: “We have worked for you in coffee farms without using it in limited quantities. Let us use it a little. We will work better and more effectively for you. ”said the team.

And the French owner thought about it, he walked among the large coffee farms and looked down to the ground to see coffee beans. Many weasels had released those beans. Then he told his workers to collect and roast them to enjoy. Unexpectedly, a new kind of coffee has been found.

The specialty of weasel coffee dalat

To find out how special the weasel premium coffee dalat is, read here to get more details.

What is special about weasel coffee dalat?

The specialty of weasel coffee dalat

Dalat is a farming area which is producing weasel coffee in our country. Weasel coffee dalat is famous for its particular taste, and its price is also quite high at the same time due to the high quality.

It is carefully selected from the input materials, which are genuine, rare, delicious, and precious Arabica Moka coffee beans. Those beans are grown from clean coffee farms in Da Lat with the degree of height over 1500m.

The clean coffee ingredients here are tested and undergone extremely strict planting and production processes. To produce a quality coffee dalat, people have to study the breeding and testing of Vietnamese ferrets carefully. Then, there is a combination of the rigorous selection of natural experts called Vietnamese ferrets that make up the finished product.

Not only produce weasel coffee dalat from clean, delicious, unique ingredients, to produce these premium quality products, weasel farms in Da Lat have also researched on raising, checking the health, and caring Then, they can ensure that weasels get the best health to produce the best weasel coffee products.

Along with the same ingredients and weasel, but it has an excellent flavor that can not be found anywhere, it is the secret of the processing of each farm owner.

This is the experience that has been studied for a long time. The natural ingredients are mixed with coffee, roasted by standard technique to make the best flavor and the most prolonged storage. It is the detailed production process that makes weasel coffee dalat popular in the world.

Coffee price

Pho Co Coffee considered to be the best Vietnamese coffee and worth trying due to its confidence. Weasel legend coffee, the best selling products, has the price of about 195.500 VND per 100 grams. One more special thing is these products are now on sale with only 150.000 VND per 100 grams. You had better order now without hesitating because of its affordable price. You can buy Weasel coffee dalat online on Pho Co Coffee website here.

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