What Makes Weasel Coffee Special?

điều làm cho cà phê chồn đặc biệt

Weasel coffee, kopi luwak, civet coffee, cà phê chồn, ca phe cut chon. No matter what you call it. We are all talking about a special coffee that goes through the gastrointestinal tract of an Asian civet. What makes this weasel coffee so special:

Weasel coffee is particularly expensive, why is it so expensive

Weasel coffee is a very special type of coffee, is classified as “luxury” in the coffee world. It is also the rarest and most expensive beverage in the world. With prices up to $ 400 – $ 600 – $ 1,000 per kilogram, that’s the price after being commercialized. The production of weasel coffee sold in the world market every year according to wikipedia statistics is about 200kg. Because it is only produced in Vietnam, Indonesia. This statistic proves the scarcity of this particular coffee, making its price more expensive. But the actual number now is now much bigger. If you are curious about the scarcity of production. What other factors make mink coffee special and price is still very expensive. Then learn how to make coffee.

How the weasel legend coffee was made?Vietnames

The production of “traditional weasel coffee” from ancient times up until now of course will still have to start from ripe red coffee berries. The size of the ripe berries can be as small as the grapes small ones. The interesting thing here is that the mink’s favorite food is coffee berries, so they often climb on the coffee trees and choose to eat the redest, most ripe fruits. It is part of the production of weasel coffee from the wild. The output of this traditional production is very small, so it has affected the price of genuine weasel coffee (weasel coffee authentic) very expensive and luxury.

điều làm cho cà phê chồn đặc biệt

But their stomachs only digest the outer flesh of the berries so they release the coffee beans along with their faeces. People here will collect dung with coffee seeds of this civet. The beans are carefully washed and then dried for three days in the sun, just like regular coffee. Then they are ready to roast, pack and sell.

In addition, there are many “industrial weasel coffee” producing establishments in bulk to export ferret coffee, which they often raise and propagate ferrets in large cages. Once the berries have been harvested, they are gathered in one spot and fed to weasels daily during the harvest season. In order for these ferrets to have the best shelf life to produce ferret coffee, they also feed them other foods to ensure their nutrition.

how much money weasel coffee

The special thing first lies in the choice of the weasel. They only choose to eat the most ripe and delicious fruits, meaning that the coffee beans have been guaranteed quality right from the first selection stage, and the “effort” to recruit nobody is the weasel.

But the key to the decision was that the digestive enzymes in the weasel’s stomach changed the internal molecules of the coffee bean. Coffee beans become harder, more crunchy, and less protein, which reduces the bitterness of the beans, creating a stronger flavor because proteins make coffee more bitter during roasting.

These digestive enzymes also affect the aroma structure, making the weasel coffee aroma more intense and smelling chocolate.

It sounds impressive, so what else makes the weasel coffee special?

Those who have experienced this type of coffee commented that mink coffee has a particularly delicious taste and is a blend of many flavors. It is described as having a very attractive, sweet “moldy smell” such as: syrup, a rich and velvety flavor, caramel and chocolate, bitter but very pleasant.

It sounds so delicious, but it still sounds terrible anyway, does it guarantee food safety? Rest assured that the coffee beans have been through the processing, careful processing and completely guaranteed food safety before reaching consumers.

A final and special difference creates a separate point for each production or distribution establishment. That’s the way, the recipe for roasting and roasting these weasel coffee beans. With today’s technology, roasting by electric heat is very popular and makes production productivity increase. The weasel coffee smells because there is also a slight change from the traditional firewood roasting technology, which gives the weasel coffee beans a little more smoke or a bit of tobacco. That has also made the mink coffee has many different price frames on the market today.

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