Currently, there are diverse varieties of coffee, of which, Arabica and Robusta are the two most popular varieties. Each one has its nature and flavor. This article will reveal exactly what you have never had your ideas about them.

What is Arabica Coffee?

Arabica Coffee is native to the southwest highlands of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Africa). In Vietnam, this coffee variety is known by a different name is Tea coffee. Arabica has two main groups: Catimor and Moka.

Brazil and Colombia are the two main Arabica coffee exporting countries in the world. In Brazil, people call this coffee Brazilian Milds. This one is accounting for about 70% of total world coffee production and its economic value ranked second only to oil.

Thanks to the fermentation process, the taste of Arabica is slightly sour. But it is not bitter but it changes a little bit from sour to bitter. People call it “aftertaste”. When you enjoy a drink from Arabica coffee beans, you will feel very sour but immediately feel the bitterness. Café Arabica has a caffeine content of 1.5% and a strong aroma.

What is Robusta Coffee?

Robusta is one of the two common coffee varieties in the world, born after Arabica coffee about 100 years. Robusta Coffee is easy to take care of, so it has high productivity. Currently, this coffee variety accounts for about 30% of world coffee production. In Vietnam, Robusta accounting for 90% of the total coffee output of the country, making our country the largest Robusta coffee exporter in the world.

On account of being directly dried, Robusta Coffee has a high bitterness, less perfumed than Arabica coffee. The caffeine content of this coffee is relatively high, 2.5%. Currently, in our country, 39% of coffee products are made from Robusta coffee varieties.

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