If you have a chance to travel or work in Vietnam, Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is an indispensable place. When you set foot in this city, you will be extremely impressed by many wonderful places, cuisine, and people there. In particular, Pho Co Coffee should be on the list for those who are interested in drinking coffee.

Pho Co Coffee is famous for many delicious types of Vietnamese coffee, the most typical of which is the Vietnamese weasel coffee, which is roasted and ground base on the long-standing traditional recipe, making the taste of this weasel coffee become to be a lover for everyone, even some international customers.

It is quite easy to find the way to Pho Co Coffee, you just type the location Pho Co Coffee into google maps and you just follow the instructions.

When you come to this store, you are welcomed by all the friendly staff at Pho Co Coffee. Moreover, you will have the freedom to visit and smell all the coffee you like.

The closing time here is 10 pm, so please visit the previous time to choose a coffee flavor that you like. Especially, bringing a legendary weasel coffee bag here to enjoy with your friends or relatives is an ideal thing.

Besides, many delicious types of Vietnamese tea are also sold here. So, if you are a fan of tea, you can buy teas as a small gift.

Let’s enjoy your great time with your beloved people there.

“I knew I wanted to buy coffee when I went to Vietnam but I didn’t know where to go since there’s so much awesome coffee around. We walked by this place and the aroma took us in. We bought a couple of varieties and were very happy when we got home and tasted the products.” – A foreigner customer said.


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